About Us

NATIPROL LIANYUNGANG CORPORATION. is registered in the city of Lianyungang, which is famed for the East Terminal of the Neo-Eurasian Continental Bridge as well as one of the Chinese 10 largest comprehensive international trade pivot harbours. Since its establishment in 1973, the Corporation was reformed to be a limited company in 1998 and the whole capital was fully privately owned in 2000.The registered capital of the corporation now is RMB 12 million Yuan.

NATIPROL manages wide aspects of business with great flexibility. It has the full legal rights to handle international trade, including self-managing and being agent for the import and export business, undertaking processing trade and entrepot trade. The main categories of our business are:

l  Chemical products: inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, pigment, intermediate, plastics and plastic products.

l  Light industrial products: hotel accessories, stationery, sports articles and other daily necessities.

l Metal products: iron castings, stampings,steel and aluminium products.

l Mineral products: silica products , fused brown aluminium,barite.

Backed with effective synergy among capital, human resources, operations, culture, and other business factors, NATIPROL is committed to continuously strengthening our core competency and perfecting our sales network. Our many clients, domestic and international, are served by our dedicated associates who have expert knowledge and extensive experience in international trade. We maintain long-term cooperation with our clients on a mutually beneficial basis.

Our mission is to build a better future together with our domestic and international clients progressively, reliably, and honestly.



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Addr: 20F,Building B3,No.8 Guangzhou Road, Lianyun District,Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China    Email:aster@natiprol.com.cn